Nintendo Switch accessories: items you need to make the most of your console

You’ve ordered your Nintendo Switch , you’ve ordered the launch title you want most, you’re absolutely ready to make the most of your new Nintendo console, right? Well, almost. The Nintendo Switch comes with everything you absolutely definitely need to get the console up and running already in the box, but there are plenty of additional accessories available that will ... Read More »

Google Assistant will soon be able to buy stuff for you on command

Google Assistant already helps us organize our shopping lists and find out about things we’re interested in, but it stops short at actually letting us buy items. With a new feature rolling out to Pixel phones, it looks like that’s about to change. A new option for setting up payment methods has appeared in the Assistant settings for Pixel users, ... Read More »

Hands-on with Prey: System Shock’s spirit lives in this ambitious reboot

as saying “it’s not like we’re working with Arkane and asking them to make racing or rugby games,” the implication being that Prey and Dishonored are similar because, well, that’s what Arkane does. The catch: Prey isn’t really that similar to Dishonored. It’s BioShock. Or rather, given the space station setting, System Shock. Prey isn’t even trying to hide it. ... Read More »

How to watch the Super Bowl without cable

 In addition to all of the ways you can watch Super Bowl LI this Sunday, February 5, Roku users will be able to catch all the action for free–with no user authentication required–on the Fox Sports Go channel. You’ll have access to the pre-game show starting at 2:00 pm Eastern, with kick-off scheduled for 6:30 pm ET. There are plenty ... Read More »

Google Now Launcher’s days in the Play Store are numbered

Google long ago opened up access to its smart system of cards via the Google Now Launcher, which gave phones of all shapes and sizes a taste of what it’s like to use stock Android. Sadly, Google is warning partners that its time in the Play Store is running out. An email forwarded to Android Police describes Google’s plans for ... Read More »

Forget the network perimeter, say security vendors

What if all your company’s computers and applications were connected directly to the Internet? That was the assumption behind BeyondCorp, a new model for network security that Google proposed back in 2014, and it’s one that’s starting to get some attention from networking and security vendors. Enterprises have moved beyond the traditional workspace in recent years, allowing employees to work ... Read More »