For Honor review impressions: Smooth PC performance, mediocre melee campaign

Ubisoft’s Knights-versus-Samurai-versus-Vikings combat game For Honor releases today, but you’ll notice there aren’t many (maybe any) reviews up. Despite containing a full-length singleplayer campaign, it’s clear Ubisoft considers For Honor multiplayer-centric, and thus aside from the weekend’s open beta reviewers didn’t get access to the game until Monday afternoon. Even then, the multiplayer servers were mostly dead, with only press ... Read More »

BitTorrent brings its free Live streaming service to Android

BitTorrent has been trying to shake its image as a pirated movie purveyor for years and use its peer-to-peer powers for good, and now you can enjoy its free, legal, and legitimate TV service right on your Android phone. Called BitTorrent Live, the app isn’t for seeding and sharing, it’s for streaming. Previously available on iOS and streaming TV devices ... Read More »

Fragmentation nixed a Cisco-Android network partnership

Cisco Systems tried to give Android devices the same kinds of integration it later provided for iPhones and iPads but gave up because the Android ecosystem was too fragmented. A Cisco-Apple partnership announced in 2015 gives iOS devices capabilities that other wireless clients don’t have on Cisco-based enterprise networks. Among other things, enterprises can designate work-related applications like videoconferencing for ... Read More »

Intel pursues Moore’s Law with plan to make first 7-nm chips this year

Intel’s next big Moore’s Law advance will be a 7-nm pilot plant it is establishing this year to explore the upcoming manufacturing process. The chipmaker announced it was establishing the pilot plant during an earnings call on Thursday. For decades, Moore’s Law has been the guiding light for Intel to make teenier, faster, and more power-efficient chips. The effort has ... Read More »

LeakedSource’s shutdown is a blow to amateur hackers

Amateur hackers are alarmed with the apparent demise of LeakedSource, a controversial breach notification site that’s been accused of doing more harm than good. U.S. law enforcement has allegedly confiscated its servers, and now some hackers are wondering if customers of LeakedSource might be next. “All the people who used PayPal, credit card, etc. to buy membership, the FBI now have ... Read More »

Meet the $114,725 Ubuntu server with eight Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs

The Ibex Pro is one supercharged machine that will probably hurt your electric bill. System76’s fastest Ibex Pro with Ubuntu Server 16.10 packs some crazy horsepower with Intel’s latest 22-core Xeon E5 v4 chips and eight Nvidia Tesla P100 graphics processors. It’s got the same number of GPUs as Nvidia’s superfast DGX-1, which is being used for deep learning. System76 ... Read More »

Apple missed deadline to pay €13 billion in Irish back taxes

Apple is behind with its taxes, but the tax inspector doesn’t mind. Last August, the European Commission closed a three-year investigation of Apple’s tax affairs with an order to the Irish government that it should recover about €13 billion (US$14.5 billion) in taxes that it believed Apple had underpaid over the last decade. Ireland has missed the deadline for recovering ... Read More »

Trump stresses cybersecurity but postpones executive order

U.S. President Donald Trump called on government agencies to better protect their networks, but he delayed signing an executive order to kick-start a government-wide review of cybersecurity policy. A draft copy of the order, leaked earlier, would give the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security 60 days to submit a list of recommendations to protect U.S. government and private networks. ... Read More »

AMD confirms its Ryzen CPU will launch in early March, followed by the Vega GPU

AMD’s eagerly-awaited Ryzen processor will launch in early March, according to AMD chief executive Lisa Su. Su specified the target date during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call Tuesday afternoon. “There will be widespread system availability from day one,” Su said during the call. Channel vendors will receive the first Ryzen chips, along with system integrators. More traditional hardware vendors will come ... Read More »